Hello, I'm Shubham Bose.

Software Engineer | Tea and Coffee lover

Welcome to my humble corner of the internet!
I have keen interests in ethical and accessible UX design, data analysis and contributing to open source.

Some personal projects

YouTube Search Fixer

Cross-browser extension that de-clutters search results, redirects shorts and adds optional UI changes. 20,000+ daily users across Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

NASA Picture of the day

ReactJS project that uses NASA's public API to display random pictures of the day with a short description.

Tableau Project

Explore Captivating Trends. Unveiling the Impact of Population Density on Education and Basic Amenities in India Using Census Data!

Movie Finder

Weekly updated catalogue of trending movies with a short description and their imdb links. No sign-up required. Made with Next.js 13 and powered by the movieDB.

Goodbye Distractions

Say goodbye to distractions and reclaim your focus with Goodbye Distractions, a collection of tools to help you stay productive online.