An electronics-turned-software engineer interested in computer forensics, digital privacy and all things open-source. Currently, I'm bettering my scripting skills by automating tasks on my PC with BASH. When I'm free, you can find me gardening or reading an interesting book or taking casual photos.

My alma maters.

University of North Carolina, Charlotte where I got my Masters in Computer Science and VIT University, Vellore.


Reading non-fiction books and listening to podcasts like Planet Money, Marketplace, Business Wars, 99% Invisible and Hardcore History (pls email me recommendations).

My current proverbial tech-stack.

  • JavaScript and Python. Webdev stuff is mostly Next.js 13 and react for the front-end and node.js for the backend.
  • For cloud platforms, I deploy projects with Azure and Firebase.
  • For Project management stuff, I prefer Git over Mercurial and Trello over other tools.
  • Other tools I have used include vCenter, vSphere and VMware ESXi for server administration. Nginx for web servers. WebXR API and A-frame to implement Augmented Reality in a webapp.
  • Now: Learning postgreSQL, getting around using Vim.
  • Currently open for opportunities within India or remote (±4 Hours IST). Please contact me for a copy of my complete resume.