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About me

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Who am I?

An electronics-turned-software engineer interested in computer forensics, digital privacy and all things open-source.


My alma maters.

University of North Carolina, Charlotte where I got my Masters in Computer Science and VIT University, Vellore.



Reading non-fiction books and listening to podcasts like Planet Money, Marketplace, Business Wars, 99% Invisible and Hardcore History (pls email me recommendations).


My current proverbial tech-stack.

I work with JavaScript and Python, React/Next.JS for the front-end and node.js for the backend. Have delivered projects for clients using both AWS and Firebase. I prefer Git over Mercurial, Trello over other project-management tools and thank the people who develop Webpack because it makes life so much easier!

Currently : Learning MySQL, getting around using Vim and arming myself with the knowledge of BASH scripts.

Currently open for opportunities within India or remote (±4 Hours IST)