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AMD with Windows 10

I have an old machine which runs Windows 10 and every time I do a clean install, the AMD Radeon Driver installation process gives me headches. It is bound to never go through as intended.

So, here's a note to future me on how to navigate this jumbled mess of a process.

  • Create a restore point.
  • Download and extract the AMD Radeon driver file from the official source (~400MB in size) and the Driver Cleanup utility from AMD or DDU on your local system.
  • Log into safe mode with no networking and run the utility.
  • Disable the Windows Defender and pause the Updates.
  • Restart when prompted and boot into normal Windows.
  • Open device manager as a spearate window. Simultaneously, navigate to the AMD driver executable and run it.
  • Uncheck the "factory reset" option and click "Install". Immediately after it begins the process, navigate back to the device manager and uninstall the "Intel HD Graphics" driver.
  • Wait for the process to complete as the screen flickerd a couple of times and reinstalls the Intel HD drivers alongside the AMD ones.
  • Finish installation and check the device manager for a new entry within "Display Adapters".
  • Restart the system, turn on the updates, defender and Wi-Fi in that order.

You are done.